Thursday, January 15, 2009

Really cute cupcake jewelry at Claire's boutique.

For Christmas I bought my oldest daughter some cute cupcake jewelry. I bought her a bracelet, few pairs of earrings and a cute necklace. I thought I would post some pics on my blog, but couldn't find most of it. She must have it stashed in her bag she takes to school. I did find these in her jewelry box in her bathroom.

Cupcake items in the $1.00 section at Target

I went to Target the other day and browsed through the dollar section. I found several cupcake items. These hand towels were too cute to pass up.

Some new purchases

I haven't posted on here in a few weeks. I wanted to post some new things I have gotten. :) This is a little cup that I bought for my daughter (which happens to love cupcakes as much as me. She calls them Bubcakes.) She also loves her nutmilk(chocolate milk) as much as cupcakes, so I knew she would be happy to have her nutmilk in a cupcake cup. As soon as she seen it, she started spinning in circles. lol. It was so funny.

I got it at Joann's Fabrics for $4.99

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Resin Cupcake Pendants

Just listed on etsy are sweet hand poured resin pendants filled with real candy sprinkles and colored sugar and glitter.

Available for purchase at:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Felt Cupcake Ornament

Here is a felt cupcake ornament that was hand stitched by etsy seller "MFIPC".  You can see her shop at

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Indie Artist Julie Weller

I recently made a yummy purchase from Julie Weller on Lollishops.  When I received my package I was in Aw!! I bought a cupcake pin cushion.   The packaging was so beautiful and she included some goodies along with my item.  I really love the pink cupcake ornaments. They look so real!  

I asked Julie if she would like to do this interview explaining her craft and inspiration.

What is your Lollishop name/link?
The Cupcake Cupboard

What is your specialty?
Pincushions and all things cupcake

How Long have you been doing your craft?
I rediscovered my creative side about 2 years ago when I discovered online swapping.
My obsession with cupcakes led me there and opened up all kinds of possibilities for me.
I started experimenting with pincushions just over a year ago.

What inspired you to create the lovely item's that you make?
I LOVE CUPCAKES!!  Anything having to do with cupcakes makes me smile.
I've tried to incorporate cupcakes in all kinds of crafts and art media, but somehow I keep
coming back to pincushions.  Putting these sweeties together is almost like decorating
cupcakes for me - without the calories!!

What is your absolute favorite item that you make?
My Half-Pint Pincushions are my favs! 
They make GREAT whimsy jars - fill 'em with fun bits & bobbles!

Are there any special tips you would like to share on how you promote your
I've found that flickr is a wonderful way to "show off" your work.
Blogging is another great way to share your creativity!

What do you love mostly about Lollishops?
I love the sweet family that is Lollishops.
Sadie (the head Sweetie) is wonderfully supportive!

Are there any other venue's that you we can find your lovely creation's on?
I also offer my creations on etsy (

Do you have any advice for other indie artists?
Do what makes you happy. 
You never know when something you've created will make someone else happy too!

Cupcake pops

Little cupcakes on lollipop sticks. What can get better then that? Their so cute. I made them with my daughter and turned out really good. It's a long process but they turn out great. Here are some pics.

And the last pic is of Callie enjoying the finished product. I think she gives it 5 stars. LOL!